The Great Battle

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Hastily the group ventures forth in an attempt to slow the Orc army and warn Tharundil of the imminent attack. After having traveled some hours they come upon a junction where all evidence tell that the army passed this way only hours ago. The adrenaline begins to pump as they realize they are on a tight schedule, they decide to quickly make their way to Woodmen-town on the western edges of Mirkwood, to warn their allies and recruit some help. The only encounter the stressed out elves meet, is these peculiar birds and chipmunks  who seem to follow them around. Grom and Longrim seems fascinated by these tame animals, and give them food at every rest-stop. Finally at the Woodmen stronghold they are able to send an elven scout they meet, to warn the kingdom. Having this problem out of the way they have a quick palaver with the heads of the town, but to their dissapointment they are only able to spare 20 warriors. Less than content with this they master themselves and begin planning how to stop the advancing enemy. Once again chasing the trail of Skauril they come upon the massing army, a quick scouting mission reveals that several road-clearing crews are in the front, chopping down trees and broadening the trail. This is obviously done for the army to hold its  momentum. They decide to split the group into two units, one heading North to attack the upper crews, and hopefully slow their progress. The elves (and offsets) lead the first group attacking the middle. The guerilla tactics seem to succeed as they cut down the poorly armed workers, and they are able after three raids to kill almost half of the orcs clearing the road. By then the Army is only few days from getting to the ford that marks the boundary of Tarundils Kingdom, time is growing short. One night after setting up camp they are attacked by wargriders, having blundered in their placement of watchposts, they are caught unaware. The ferocity of the attack, and the woodmens poor reflexes results in many allies dead. In the heat of the battle a tragic event occur, as a warg sinks his fangs into Meldris chest – puncturing his heart leaving him dead on the ground. After making sure all threats are repelled or killed, the elves turn their attention to their fallen comrade. A tear appears in Orophina’s eye, as she yet again looses a valuable friend. They now suddenly find themselves without leadership, and  decisions are scarce. The Easterling Grom though have a strong personality and is able to pep-up the remaining strikecrew, and convinces them that they must follow a trail that Longrim has found. The trail reveals a second group riding fast northbound, probably to secure the river.

Riding like the wind the group comes upon the riverford, the water is known to all to be contaminated, and its vital that they dont touch the water while crossing. With the use of skilled ropework and magic, they are able to cross with the loss of just one Woodman.. On the other side they quickly scout the riverbank, and find the source of Longrims trail. Some 15 easterlings are chopping down the forest, and a crude unfinished bridge is seen lying further down the bank. They set up for an ambush, and before the enemy has the chance to regroup, they are caught in a chaos of arrows, firebolts and the close-encounter with Elven rage. The job is done, and the adventurers can now see light at the end of the tunnel, now they have a chance to hold the battle at the river. This will greatly improve their defenses.  All of the sudden a character appears on the road, he is tall and seem to be of Dunedain blood. He introduces himself as Dysprosiat, and the group is happy to know that he will join them in their struggle. But relations aside, they must quickly get to the Elven homestead, to confer with the Kings advisors. Without any more trouble (save the new guys apparent gambling problem) they meet up with the elven army and is brought in to the war-room. They meet the king and his generals, and tells them everything that has happend. In this new turn of events, the King decides to move his army to the river and to stop the enemy there. The next few days is an immens build-up of adrenaline, as every Elf old enough to hold a sword prepares to war. Camps are set up, and defences are placed. When atlast the Orc army appears in the distance, they are well prepared. The actual battle is long and hard, both sides shedding blood. But due to our heroes quick thinking and theis success in slowing the army bears its fruit. Slowly the Orcs are pushed back and finally dispersed.  In the heat of the battle they catch a glimpse of Scauril making his retreat, its a shame that he isn’t killed and they make note to some day finish him off. The hooror of battle bying away, they meet the King who has participated in the fight himself. He looks happy, and smiling he gives each of the adventures a ring bearing the royal seal. The ring is magic, and will safeguard them in any elven realm in the future. The campaign is finally over, and the group looks back to fallen comrades and new friends with mixed feelings. Exhased they fall to the ground, tired with all the death and struggle. Hoping now to sleep at least a week.

In Longrims slow but subtle mind he dwells over his previous mission. Where did the Heart of the Forest go? Who was that mysterious figure, magically walking through the walls and claiming the amulet for himself? A powerful figure indeed he thinks, as he throws another nut to one of the begging little chipmunks…

An event unforseen

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The Easterling parcment found, describing the coming assault on Tharundil’s kingdom, is now a growing worry for the four elves. They have to slow Skauril’s army so that the elven kingdom will have time to organise a proper defence, and time is running out. But first they will have to find away to get The Heart Of The Forest and fight their way out of this dark orc-hold. With a combined effort and almost loosing the Umli Ranger, they manage to fend off 15 orcs storming the guardroom where they are holding up. One of the leaders manage to flank Meldir, almost ambushing him and sending the paladin to his gods. Grom was luckily watching his back, and after a couple of  intense minutes, they can finally rest and regroup. While the others regain their strength, the easterling and Meldir search the last room thoroughly, atlast finding a secret door. The trap guarding this door almost chops off Groms hands, and they fail utterly to pick the lock, leaving the party at another predicament. No key is to be found, time is growing short as reinforcements may arrive, and 2 members down dont give them good odds. the thought of leaving the two non-elves here to rot is tempting, after all they are not of elven blood and pure of heart. Suddenly a blinding light penetrates the room, leaving the adventurers stunned and hypnotized, they can see the whole wall infront of them crumble and opening some sort of portal to another dimension. Bird song and a warm breeze fills the room, and everyone is transfixed with a most comfortable feeling and silence of mind. Out through the portal steps a figure, he is a small elderly man smiling at the players, apparently not wishing them any harm. He silently walks to the hidden door, raises one hand, and blasts the whole wall into bits, leaving a gaping hole into what appears a treasure room. The mysterious grinning man picks up The Heart, and with a last look, disappears without a word. The room turns to normal again, the comfy feeling leaving their minds, and only the collapsed wall is a evidence of what just happened. Who was this sorcerer, and how did he know the amulet was there? Even more, why didn’t he kill them? What is even more strange is that the party seems to be fully healed and powers regained. Baffled at this turn of events they quickly decide to get out of the dungeon, and turn their attention to the orc army, now probably already marching north to maim the elven kingdom.

Chasing in the footsteps of evil

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After witnessing the Ulari getting away with the Heart Of The Forest, the adventurers are quickly stressed out on what to do with the situation.. After a quick palaver they decide to head on into the dense forest after the thief. The chase was to be fast and perilous, and the group was certain they were headed for death by magic. But curiously enough no spells came at them, perhaps she is hindered by something thought Allanon. After pressing on they stop when encountering a path blocked by webs. The two giant spiders ambushing them die quickly while Longrim finds an alternate route around the webs. The last spider is gored by the dwarf-who-is-not-a-dwarf, as the Adventurers pick up the pace. Sneaking past a Milk-Trumpet and dodging (nearly) a trap in the trees. It would seem that the Nazgul truly has been weakened, and is unable to throw magic at them thank the gods.

The trail leads finally off the trail and up to an entrance in the small cliff-face now before them. The opening in the rock is guarded by a single orc, the trail is still fresh. A putrid smell seems to be coming from a point further down the rock wall, a quick look reveals a sewage output probably from a interior fort. With some moral reluctancy Meldir decides to make silent approach: to crawl through the river of orc feces and infiltrate through the lavatory. This was to be their plan, they kill the guard while moving into position and begin the very unpleasant and vile tactical maneuver.  The stench is almost too much for Orophina and the once so fair elves gag while bathing in excrement. Longrim being calmer due to his stamina, wonders if this is a traditional rital in elven culture while he curses Silvan reason. Mood and morale low and still covered in Orc dung, they crawl up the Orcish toilet and take positions. They sneak up and stack outside the door, while listening for any danger with Allanon at the front. The cracks in the door reveals a hallway, and a quick glance tells them there are several doors and some noise coming from the one in the end. The party is just about to make their move, but half deployed and caught unaware the one door in the middle opens. A familiar and horrific feeling comes over them as they see the Dark Rider stepping through. With a little help from Eru.. the elves hastily stack up the small hall up to the lavatory again, stumbling into both eachother and Umli. The Nazgul neglects to turn his head in time while shouting orders to some Uruks, and The Party slides undetected but smellfully away. Allanon gather from the Morbeth that the stone is locked away in the inner chamber, and is to be guarded until someone else returns to get it. The loud clanging of black steel amour dissipates as the enemy departs. After a few seconds to gather their nerve, they sneak into the hall and into the door where the Ulari came from. Another hallway, but this time hindered by an open pit. No match for the wizard but Allanon complains that his power is now very low after levitating the last elven member. Their mage will have to rest before gaining his power, the elves is now at a disadvantage. With fluid movments the warrior monk Orophina opens a door, seemingly a prison room she understands as the unlucky jailkeeper has his spine twisted in a flash. Four doors and cells, one with a filthy orc inside, one with a savage easterling, and the last cell with a elf it would seem. She grabs the keys on the wall and opens the door, finding the elf to be none other than an heir to Therenderli, brother of the Elven King. The royal blood is visible as she understands that this decadent whimp has no way of defending himself. Contemplating over his impotence Allanon is startled by a door suddenly opening right next to him, a large Uruk-Hai fills the doorway. Eyes turning black the Uruk attacks, but the spell lying dorment in the mage is faster. The Uruk hangs in mid air few seconds, arms and legs sprawling, as Attia swings her sword in a nice combo paralyzing him, and chopping the great orcs brains while it rains craniumshards. They disperse the body in the pit, and closing it with a lever found on the wall. Inside the room they found a scoll, on it is written in logathig –

Skauril – My forces raid in Arthedain, keeping the eyes of the foolish Elf-friends facing my kingdom. Now must you assault Aradhrynd. Hasten. Although Thranduil’s house guard numbersless than 200. he will assemble more warriors if you delay too long. Leave no later than two days past the full moon.  -Good Blood. Angmar


They quickly gather in the prisonroom hoping that the guards haven’t been alerted. The scroll spells terrible news witch must be relayed as quickly as possible back home.  A voice is heard from one of the cells, it is the easterling babbeling in bad westron about him being an ally. Amazingly the party listens as the pleading prisoner tries to convince them of his commitment to good. It all sounds very unlikely, but they may have use for a prisoner or trap-tester so they decide to take him aboard the team under strict surveillance. All of a sudden they hear the orc call out to warn his kinsmen, but the easterling grabs a shortbow and plants a arrow in his head. He beames at the elves hoping that this will earn him some trust, but only the other non-elf seems to concur. A trap is discovered at the and of the hallway, where a couple of bronze wolves flanks the end of the hallway. Again the initiative rich new member suddenly realises thay you have to “feed the wolves”,  Longrim tosses an orc on the red tiles and is shocked as the wolves come alive and devour the carcass. Can it possible be that the filthy easterling is purer at heart, than first expected the elves wonder. A locked and trapped door stands in their way, the hope sinks a little knowing they have little experience with this. It is a pity Abarat is not here the party murmurs. But with remarkably professional  handywork, Attia disarmes the hidden trap and to everyones awe, Longrim – with his stubby fingers picks the very complex lock. They move on to a narrow hallway ending in a door with arrowslits. They have to move fast and come up with a sturdy plan, this time the Easterling is even more agitated who suggest they should con their way in with the aid of magic. After some discussion, threats and compromises being made, Grom and Orophina “faceshift” with the use of magic to resemble Orcs.  They clothe themself orcstyle, and go plainly to knock on the door. The four Orukhai guards dont know what hit them, as they lie in a bloody heap on the floor less than 30seconds after being triced into opening. The last door now awaits..


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After the chase the adventurers allow themselves to pause for a moment. The newly found Umli companion is now on the verge of death, and the elves put their heads together to solve this immediate problem. They decide to split up, ALLANON is to find some herbs witch maybe can save LONGRIMs life while ATTIA and MELDIR backtrack to recover their hard-won loot. OROPHINA is to stay and guard the half-dwarf. Things are looking to go well as the eagle-eyed mage discover a place deep in the forest, where a herb called ……. is found. The herb can heal all kinds of damage to the body, and will surly rid the Umly of any poison or disease. The only obstacle is that the herb rest upon a bees-nest, with hundreds of killer-bees waiting for someone to disturb their fragile home. For ALLANON this is hardly a challenge, as he uses his magic to fly up and collect the rare flower of strong healing power. After being away an hour or so, he is on his way back to OROPHINA. Meanwhile MELDIR and ATTIA backtrack their way to the buried loot from the Orc-stronghold. Unfortunately they encounter a rather large Orktoop but can luckely both hear and smell them in good time, they hide in the shadows of the forest while the 30 Orcs or so march right past them. Silently stalking they find the loot returning to the others without having to fight the Orcpatrol. The companions reunite, quickly setting course home while carrying the unconscious Umli with them.

Safe in their haven atlast, they tend to their wounds and count the treasures. LONGRIMs healing-rate is fast due to the potency of the rare herb they found. The Elves have decided to bring the Heart Of The Forest back home to the reigning Elf King, where it shall be safe. The silent protests of the Umli Rouge is ignored with elven subtlety.  They agree on taking the northern trail, breaking north-East to take the Old Northern Road the most of the way. With all the enemy activity recent, they must be quick and silent.

After an hour or to they are all of the sudden ambushed by something large crashing through the forest-roof. They all unexpectedly feel very cold, and dread what they see when they gather themselves. A Dark Rider on a winged Fell-Beast gleams at them, radiating pure fear. MELDIR and OROPHINA turn and run for their lives with terror in their mind, not having a choice in the matter. The other fight bravely but the enemy is strong, threatening to maim the elves and probably kill them. Sheer luck saves them, and gives hope in the heat of the battle. The Fell-beast is luckily impaired by the narrow forest trail, and they finally are able to bring it down with ATTIA as the main tank. Their hopes of defeating the Nazgul looks slim, and they prepare a retreat. The Death-mistress is too quick, and is able to take possession of the Heart Of The Forest, nearly killing two elves in the process. The casket under one arm the Nazgul-woman runs into the dense forest.

Surly it would be madness to follow the Dark rider into the forest? But can they afford that the enemy now gains control of a very powerful artifact? Only the sound of the twitching dragon-carcass and the retreating Nazgul remains, as decisions must be made fast. Perplexed and half dead, they dread what is to come either way.

The Encounter

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Having defeated the orc band, the small platoon of elves were now heading homeward. All smiles with their newly made trolley, stacking a chest of money, trinkets and loot. MELDIR, Paladin and leader of the group, was confident that the return home would be a uneventful one.. All of a sudden running can be heard, coming up the dark and narrow path. The group instinctively go in hide along the tree-trunks walling up beside the dense  forest-trail. The smell of orc hangs in the air.  A small built entity running like fire at its back, comes to a halt when the trolly of goods blocks his way. At first the elves takes him for an Orc, but they quickly see that it is in fact a unarmed dwarf now ransacking their loot. A feeling of contempt arises in the elves and the short-tempered ATTIA having no patience with foolish dwarves, grabs his shoulder and swings him around. The introduction is made very brief, because it becomes clear that danger is about. He introduces himself as LONGRIM, a Umli rouge from the far frozen north. He and his party were attacked just 200meters down the path, carrying with them a valuable cargo. He askes for their aid and is hastily embedded in the elf  group, now turning their attention to the imminent threat. The elves quickly hide their loot and prepares for combat. They can all hear the orcs in the vicinity, and begin stalking upon them. When they arrive they spy in the cover of darkness, a rough orc band having a bloodfeast on some dwarf-bodies. They all load their bows, while ALLANON, the group mystic, prepares a bolt of deadly cold. LONGRIM searches for a rock in the forest floor, finding atlast a suitable thrown weapon. They commence their attack, taking the orcs by surprise. Three arrows from the shadows find their target, bringing fear into the enemy. The elves blitz the orcs, with the backup magic crackling over their heads. While the intense battle rages on, OROPHINA is hit by a arrow saved only by the wrath of ATTIA. As the fight grows to an end, LONGRIM searches the slaughter for any survivors. He finds a sole dying comrade, just barley being able to whisper some final instructions to his kinsman. The chest must be brought to safety. After some searching and verification that no more trouble is afoot, the party focuses on the small iron-bound chest witch stands out from the rest. Ignoring the niggling feeling in the back of their heads, the party decides to open the chest after some mumbling protests from the Umli. As the chest opens they see a greenish light emanating from within. The contents is revealed as a large green jewel, in the shape of a heart. Its laid in velvet, with a silver chain attached to the stone. A magically warm feeling flows through the party, making them feel confident and secure. ATTIA having a weaker sense of self control, decides that she must simply take the medallion in her hands. At an instant she is lost in the powerful magic and the will of the stone. Letting the comforting and protective feeling flow through her, she is lost in a dreamlike state. MELDIR orders her to give him the stone, applying even magics to do this. But the elf rouge is caught in the stones spell, and tries to get hold of the stone again. ALLANON has to push his powers to the very brink, to dispell the enchantment over his sister in arms.

While regrouping and planning what to do next, an uneasy feeling grows. The elves instincts are sharpened, and they prepare for the worst.  A cold and black wind suddenly swoops over the treetops, giving a glimpse of something large flying beast. They first mistake the threat as a dragon, but it soon dawns on them that this is something much worse. A Nazgul, one of Saurons ring-wraiths is hunting them on a fellbeast. The wizard verifies this by actually jumping over the trees, nearly being clawed in half during the process. Not knowing what to do, they contemplate their next move while shaking with fear. Loosing their momentum the forest suddenly comes alive, threatening to block off their escape path. The scenery looks glum while apparently lots of Huorns make their slowpaced attack on their position. Stretching their black treetrunks at both sides of the trail. LONGRIM remembers the legend of The Heart Of The Forest, and wonder if the stone they are carrying, is in fact this powerful and agessly artifact. With no time to waist, the quickthinking Umli takes the stone in his hands. Against all odds, the deamon trees retreat, leaving the trail open once more. The group not wanting to loose more time and be exposed to the Nazgul, hastly gather their stuff and begin their escape. While running ALLANON turns his head and sees a demonic portal forming at their backs, reveling a large entity breaking through. Unluckily he stumbles and hurting his foot, giving the smelly darkspawn time to exit the portal and advance on them. This is probably the work of the ringwraiths the wizard thinks, as he half legged strives to catch up with the others. After some running for the lives, it becomes apparent that the stinkdeamon is going to catch them. They decide to take a stand right by a crossroad, leading home. They take up positions, wanting to take the monster by surprise, loading their bows and steeling them self as the danger grows nearer. The beast comes crashing into the party not slowing for a few direct hits from the elven bows, and spewing foul poison to anyone near it. Things look grim for the adventurers as nothing seem to slow down the terrible beast. ALLANON then fires away a suprisingly strong icebolt, ripping the daemons head in half. The beast falls hard spewing bile everywhere. LONGRIM and ATTIA gets hit with the squirting poison, and though everyone knows elves are immune to poison, dwarves and Umli are not. The smallsized new member to the pary gets rapidly sick, and it  threatens his very life. While he slips into a nightmarish coma, his hand suddenly jerks toward The Heart Of The Forest, still nestling safe in its chest.


What are they to do now? Opening the chest possibly saving the Umli, will almost certian bring the attention of the ringwraith. Should they leave their newly found companion to die, securing the mighty artifact and bring it to their king? They are truly now at a crossroad, perplexed at what to do.


Danger among the trees

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Spiders form a major hazard.Giant Spiders block whole areas of the forest with their thick, sticky ropes of web. Ennerlings, whitespiders the size of a man’s fist, defend their nests with a poison thatrobs strength and leaves hapless travellers at the wood’s mercy. Those who manage to avoid arthropods are not out of danger.Bears, wolves, and wildcats roam the region, looking for an easymeal. Such warm-blooded predators have learned to live in uneasytruce with the spiders, attacking wanderers who are dazed by theennerlings or who have becomeforced off the path by webs.

Few Mannish bandits and brigands dare to make their home inthe dark wood, but the Orcs of Mirkwood enjoy harassing travellers. A typical Orc patrol numbers ten, one of whom is the leader. These Orcs are armed with bows and scimitars, and attack small parties on sight. Not all of the dangers of the forest are obvious, or even animate.The deadly milk-white trumpet is one of the greatest hazards ofMirkwood.When it blooms in midsummer, the forcefully ejectedpollen causes nausea and blindness, and sometimes even madness,in those who come too near.

More insidious and possibly more dangerous is the moss DinFuinen, which forms a cool, soft bed in the woods.If a dazed orexhausted adventurer succumbs to the lure of this tempting restingplace, a hidden hazard awaits. The pressure ofa reclining individualcauses the moss to exude an oil which steals memory.When theunfortunate victim awakes, he wanders through the wood, forgettinghome, path, and purpose.Even if he lives to regain his memory (in one to one hundred days), by the time he remembers his task he w ill be lost beyond hope

Gazing from Tir-Fuinen

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Thranduil, son of Oropher now the current king of the woodelves, besieges the young elves to take up residence in the old watchtower of  Tir-Fuinen. After they become settled down they are contacted by a Beorning ranger who ask them to help in a matter of grave importance. An Orc-band coming somewhere from the dark woods, has taken up residence in a small castle some fifty miles to the south. He wants the elves help to rid the place of its infestation.

They travel a perilous road inward the forest, encountering beasts of the dark and frighteningly narrow paths in the old forest. They arrive at the ruined castle and lay a sound battleplan, this is their first major assault on the enemy.  With the help of magic they enter the fortress undetected. With stealth and cunning they slay their way inwards the castle, laying waste to the garrison piece by piece. Alas the beorning is killed by a large Uruk warrior while attempting to gain opportunity over the remaining band. Even so the elves emerge victorious from the well planned blitz-attack, and can cheer while the last ork falls from an elven sword. They loot and pillage the fort, finding both gold to further their campaign and valuable information on the orcs movements.  They now have to decipher the few scrolls they find, and lay a new strategy for the future to come.

Welcome underlings

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This will be our journey together in the dark realm of Mirkwood, in the chatotic world called Middle-Earth. A forest once ever so lush and tranquil, a home of elves, woodsmen and hobbits who co-existed in harmony and peace. This once fruitfull forest now has become a home for the spawn of evil. The rumors of the Necromancers return is whispered throughout Arda, and noone seems to be safe in Mirkwood anymore. Few remember the time where the area carried the happier title of “Greenwood the great”. Giant spiders, bloodthirsty Orcs and other deadly creatures roam throughout the old trees, now only the woodelves stand their ground and fight for what was once their seat of power.

This will be the story of five young elves making a difference in a troubled forest at the year 1735 of the Third Age.

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The dawn of The Necromancer

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Mirkwood was the great forest east of the Anduin in Wilderland. It was originally called Greenwood the Great until the shadow of Sauron fell over the woods. The forest became dark and filled with evil creatures, but the great Woodland Realm of the Elves endured. During the War of the RingLegolas of Mirkwood gained renown as a member of the Fellowship, and after Sauron’s downfall the forest was free of the shadow of evil once more.


Mirkwood was the largest forest in Middle-earth in the Third Age. From north to south the forest covered approximately 425 miles. From east to west it was about 200 miles across at its widest point. On the southeastern side of the forest was the East Bight, a great clearing that cut into the woods. At this point the distance across Mirkwood was the shortest – about 75 miles – and it was known as the Narrows of the Forest.

Many of the trees of Mirkwood were ancient and very tall. The canopy of the forest was a thick tangle of branches that let in little light. Among the different kinds of trees were beeches and oaks. Fir trees grew on the slopes of the Mountains of Mirkwood in the northern part of the forest. There were also many dark fir trees in southern Mirkwood around the bare, stony hill called Amon Lanc.

The Forest River flowed through the northern part of Mirkwood from the Grey Mountains in the north to Long Lake east of the forest. TheEnchanted Stream sprang from a source in the Mountains of Mirkwood and flowed north to join the Forest River. Another stream, whose name is not known, flowed east from the mountains into the River Running. The River Running passed through the easternmost edge of Mirkwood for a short distance.

The Old Forest Road was the main thoroughfare across Mirkwood from west to east. The road came down from the High Pass in the Misty Mountains and crossed the Anduin at the Old Ford before entering the forest. There was also an Elf-path farther north that could be entered through the Forest Gate on the western edge of Mirkwood.

Many animals lived in Mirkwood, including black squirrels and deer, some dark and some white. There were large black bats and dark-grey and black moths that were as big as a person’s hand. Above the forest, black emperor butterflies lived in the treetops. Ordinary spiders also lived in the treetops, while down below dwelled the huge and terrifying Great Spiders who wove webs in the tree-branches and fed on warm blood.


In ancient times when the Elves began their Great Journey westward to the Undying Lands, some of the Elves were reluctant to cross the Misty Mountains and decided to settle in the woods along the Anduin. These Elves were of the kindred called the Teleri, and those that remained in the woods came to be called Silvan Elves, or Wood-Elves.

The woodland Elves lived in small scattered communities at first. In the early part of the Second Age, the Woodland Realm was established in Greenwood the Great by a lord of the Sindarin Elves who had migrated eastward from Lindon. By some accounts, it was Thranduil who founded the Woodland Realm; by other accounts it was his father Oropher.

According to the latter accounts, Oropher and his people originally lived around the hill called Amon Lanc near the southwestern edge of Greenwood. But as Sauron grew in power inMordor south of the forest, Oropher began to move his people northward. He may also have been trying to distance his realm from the realms of Lothlorien and Khazad-dum across the Anduin. The Wood-Elves settled in the fir-covered mountains north of the Old Forest Road. Their numbers increased and they roamed far and wide throughout the forest.

During the War of the Last Alliance at the end of the Second Age, Oropher and his son Thranduil led a great army to fight Sauron. Many Elves of Greenwood died in the war, for though they were courageous they were poorly equipped for battle and their forces remained independent of Gil-galad‘s supreme command. Oropher himself was slain during the assault on the gates of Mordor.

After Sauron’s downfall, Thranduil returned to Greenwood with only a third of his army. For the first millennium of the Third Age, the Wood-Elves were at peace and their numbers grew again. During this time, the Northmen who lived east of Greenwood also increased and some made settlements in the eaves of the forest. The Men felled many trees to build their homes, creating the great clearing called the East Bight.

Around the year 1050 of the Third Age, Sauron came secretly to Greenwood and built a stronghold on Amon Lanc which became known as Dol Guldur, the Hill of Black Magic. A shadow fell on the forest at that time and it came to be called Mirkwood. It became dark and gloomy under the trees even in daytime, and the air was heavy and still. Evil creatures came to live in the woods, including the Great Spiders which were the spawn of Shelob, child of Ungoliant.

Thranduil and his people abandoned the Mountains of Mirkwood, which became infested with evil creatures. They moved northeast and built halls in a network of caves in the hills on the banks of the Forest River. A stream ran from the caves to join the Forest River and the Elves used it to transport goods to and from Long Lake and beyond.

The Northmen who lived east of Mirkwood were decimated by the Great Plague of 1636 and by the invasions of the Wainriders from Rhun in the East. Some of them moved to the town ofDale at the foot of the Lonely Mountain where the Dwarves had a prosperous kingdom not far from the Elvenking’s Halls. In the latter part of the Third Age, some bold Men known as the Woodmen established settlements in the western eaves of the forest south of the Old Forest Road. Radagast the Wizard lived near the southwestern edge of the forest in Rhosgobel.

In the autumn of 2941, Bilbo Baggins came to Mirkwood with Thorin Oakenshield and twelve other Dwarves en route to reclaim the Lonely Mountain from Smaug the Dragon. They entered the Forest Gate and took the Elf-path eastward, travelling for many days through the gloomy forest. At night they saw the eyes of many strange creatures watching them.

When they came to the Enchanted Stream, they saw a boat on the far shore and were able to pull it across the stream using a rope and a hook. As they crossed, Bombur – the fattest Dwarf – fell into the stream. The enchanted waters caused Bombur to fall into a deep sleep for many days, and the others were forced to carry him.

Bilbo climbed to the top of an oak tree to see if he could determine how much farther they had to go. It seemed to Bilbo that the trees stretched endlessly in every direction, for he did not realize that his tree was at the bottom of a valley which prevented him from seeing the edge of the forest.

Bilbo and the Dwarves were drawn away from the Elf-path by the lights of the Wood-Elves, who were feasting in the forest, but each time they approached the lights went out and the Elves vanished. On the third occasion, Thorin was captured and was imprisoned when he refused to tell Thranduil why he was in Mirkwood.

Meanwhile, the other Dwarves became lost and were captured by Great Spiders, who wrapped them in webs and strung them in the trees. Bilbo killed many of the Great Spiders with his sword Sting and rescued the Dwarves, but the next day they were imprisoned by the Wood-Elves. Bilbo once again came to their rescue and the Dwarves escaped down the Forest River packed in empty barrels that had been used to transport wine and other goods.

Several weeks later, Thranduil heard of the death of Smaug and he led a group of Elves to the Lonely Mountain. They found that Lake-town had been destroyed and they provided the Lake-Men with food and shelter. Thranduil and Bard of Lake-town tried to negotiate with Thorin, who refused to listen. But then an army of Orcs and Wargs arrived and the Elves of Mirkwood fought side-by-side with the Dwarves and the Lake-Men in the Battle of the Five Armies.

Also in the autumn of 2941, Gandalf convinced the White Council to attack Saruon’s stronghold at Dol Guldur in southwestern Mirkwood. Sauron was driven out of Mirkwood, but he was prepared and he went in secret to Mordor. In 2951, he sent Khamul the Easterling along with one or two other Nazgul to reoccupy Dol Guldur.

Gollum passed through Mirkwood during his search for Bilbo and the One Ring. He ate what animals he could catch, and it was said by the Woodmen that he sometimes stole infants from their cradles. Eventually he turned south and went to Mordor.

Many years later, Aragorn caught Gollum and brought him to Mirkwood on March 21, 3018. Gandalf came and questioned Gollum and Thranduil agreed to keep the creature imprisoned. But Sauron’s servants in Dol Guldur became aware that Gollum was being held prisoner in the northern part of the forest. On June 20, Gollum was at the top of a tall tree that stood alone in a clearing which the Elves allowed him to climb. He refused to come down and suddenly the Elves were attacked by Orcs and Gollum escaped.

Thranduil sent his son Legolas to Rivendell to report Gollum’s escape. Legolas became a member of the Fellowship of the Ring who accompanied Frodo Baggins on his quest. Legolas fought throughout the War of the Ring at the side of Aragorn, the heir to the throne of Gondor and Arnor.

The War also came to Mirkwood. In March of 3019, Sauron’s forces caused great ruin and set the woods on fire, but Thranduil and his people defeated them. On March 25, the Ring was destroyed and Sauron was vanquished. On March 28, the Elves of Lothlorien came across the Anduin and took Dol Guldur, and Galadrielthrew down its walls. The shadow was lifted from Mirkwood and the forest was cleansed of evil.

Thranduil met Celeborn of Lothlorien in the middle of the woods on April 6, the Elves’ New Year. They renamed the forest the Wood of Greenleaves and they divided it between them. The Woodland Realm of Thranduil was the forest north of the fir-covered mountains. The southern part of the forest below the Narrows became East Lorien and was part of Celeborn’s realm. The land between the two Elf realms was given to the Beornings and the Woodmen. The Elves and Men of the Wood of Greenleaves remained untroubled for many years.

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