Welcome underlings

This will be our journey together in the dark realm of Mirkwood, in the chatotic world called Middle-Earth. A forest once ever so lush and tranquil, a home of elves, woodsmen and hobbits who co-existed in harmony and peace. This once fruitfull forest now has become a home for the spawn of evil. The rumors of the Necromancers return is whispered throughout Arda, and noone seems to be safe in Mirkwood anymore. Few remember the time where the area carried the happier title of “Greenwood the great”. Giant spiders, bloodthirsty Orcs and other deadly creatures roam throughout the old trees, now only the woodelves stand their ground and fight for what was once their seat of power.

This will be the story of five young elves making a difference in a troubled forest at the year 1735 of the Third Age.

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