Gazing from Tir-Fuinen

Thranduil, son of Oropher now the current king of the woodelves, besieges the young elves to take up residence in the old watchtower of  Tir-Fuinen. After they become settled down they are contacted by a Beorning ranger who ask them to help in a matter of grave importance. An Orc-band coming somewhere from the dark woods, has taken up residence in a small castle some fifty miles to the south. He wants the elves help to rid the place of its infestation.

They travel a perilous road inward the forest, encountering beasts of the dark and frighteningly narrow paths in the old forest. They arrive at the ruined castle and lay a sound battleplan, this is their first major assault on the enemy.  With the help of magic they enter the fortress undetected. With stealth and cunning they slay their way inwards the castle, laying waste to the garrison piece by piece. Alas the beorning is killed by a large Uruk warrior while attempting to gain opportunity over the remaining band. Even so the elves emerge victorious from the well planned blitz-attack, and can cheer while the last ork falls from an elven sword. They loot and pillage the fort, finding both gold to further their campaign and valuable information on the orcs movements.  They now have to decipher the few scrolls they find, and lay a new strategy for the future to come.


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