Danger among the trees

Spiders form a major hazard.Giant Spiders block whole areas of the forest with their thick, sticky ropes of web. Ennerlings, whitespiders the size of a man’s fist, defend their nests with a poison thatrobs strength and leaves hapless travellers at the wood’s mercy. Those who manage to avoid arthropods are not out of danger.Bears, wolves, and wildcats roam the region, looking for an easymeal. Such warm-blooded predators have learned to live in uneasytruce with the spiders, attacking wanderers who are dazed by theennerlings or who have becomeforced off the path by webs.

Few Mannish bandits and brigands dare to make their home inthe dark wood, but the Orcs of Mirkwood enjoy harassing travellers. A typical Orc patrol numbers ten, one of whom is the leader. These Orcs are armed with bows and scimitars, and attack small parties on sight. Not all of the dangers of the forest are obvious, or even animate.The deadly milk-white trumpet is one of the greatest hazards ofMirkwood.When it blooms in midsummer, the forcefully ejectedpollen causes nausea and blindness, and sometimes even madness,in those who come too near.

More insidious and possibly more dangerous is the moss DinFuinen, which forms a cool, soft bed in the woods.If a dazed orexhausted adventurer succumbs to the lure of this tempting restingplace, a hidden hazard awaits. The pressure ofa reclining individualcauses the moss to exude an oil which steals memory.When theunfortunate victim awakes, he wanders through the wood, forgettinghome, path, and purpose.Even if he lives to regain his memory (in one to one hundred days), by the time he remembers his task he w ill be lost beyond hope


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