After the chase the adventurers allow themselves to pause for a moment. The newly found Umli companion is now on the verge of death, and the elves put their heads together to solve this immediate problem. They decide to split up, ALLANON is to find some herbs witch maybe can save LONGRIMs life while ATTIA and MELDIR backtrack to recover their hard-won loot. OROPHINA is to stay and guard the half-dwarf. Things are looking to go well as the eagle-eyed mage discover a place deep in the forest, where a herb called ……. is found. The herb can heal all kinds of damage to the body, and will surly rid the Umly of any poison or disease. The only obstacle is that the herb rest upon a bees-nest, with hundreds of killer-bees waiting for someone to disturb their fragile home. For ALLANON this is hardly a challenge, as he uses his magic to fly up and collect the rare flower of strong healing power. After being away an hour or so, he is on his way back to OROPHINA. Meanwhile MELDIR and ATTIA backtrack their way to the buried loot from the Orc-stronghold. Unfortunately they encounter a rather large Orktoop but can luckely both hear and smell them in good time, they hide in the shadows of the forest while the 30 Orcs or so march right past them. Silently stalking they find the loot returning to the others without having to fight the Orcpatrol. The companions reunite, quickly setting course home while carrying the unconscious Umli with them.

Safe in their haven atlast, they tend to their wounds and count the treasures. LONGRIMs healing-rate is fast due to the potency of the rare herb they found. The Elves have decided to bring the Heart Of The Forest back home to the reigning Elf King, where it shall be safe. The silent protests of the Umli Rouge is ignored with elven subtlety.  They agree on taking the northern trail, breaking north-East to take the Old Northern Road the most of the way. With all the enemy activity recent, they must be quick and silent.

After an hour or to they are all of the sudden ambushed by something large crashing through the forest-roof. They all unexpectedly feel very cold, and dread what they see when they gather themselves. A Dark Rider on a winged Fell-Beast gleams at them, radiating pure fear. MELDIR and OROPHINA turn and run for their lives with terror in their mind, not having a choice in the matter. The other fight bravely but the enemy is strong, threatening to maim the elves and probably kill them. Sheer luck saves them, and gives hope in the heat of the battle. The Fell-beast is luckily impaired by the narrow forest trail, and they finally are able to bring it down with ATTIA as the main tank. Their hopes of defeating the Nazgul looks slim, and they prepare a retreat. The Death-mistress is too quick, and is able to take possession of the Heart Of The Forest, nearly killing two elves in the process. The casket under one arm the Nazgul-woman runs into the dense forest.

Surly it would be madness to follow the Dark rider into the forest? But can they afford that the enemy now gains control of a very powerful artifact? Only the sound of the twitching dragon-carcass and the retreating Nazgul remains, as decisions must be made fast. Perplexed and half dead, they dread what is to come either way.


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