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Chasing in the footsteps of evil

Posted in Eru speaks on January 3, 2011 by Alir

After witnessing the Ulari getting away with the Heart Of The Forest, the adventurers are quickly stressed out on what to do with the situation.. After a quick palaver they decide to head on into the dense forest after the thief. The chase was to be fast and perilous, and the group was certain they were headed for death by magic. But curiously enough no spells came at them, perhaps she is hindered by something thought Allanon. After pressing on they stop when encountering a path blocked by webs. The two giant spiders ambushing them die quickly while Longrim finds an alternate route around the webs. The last spider is gored by the dwarf-who-is-not-a-dwarf, as the Adventurers pick up the pace. Sneaking past a Milk-Trumpet and dodging (nearly) a trap in the trees. It would seem that the Nazgul truly has been weakened, and is unable to throw magic at them thank the gods.

The trail leads finally off the trail and up to an entrance in the small cliff-face now before them. The opening in the rock is guarded by a single orc, the trail is still fresh. A putrid smell seems to be coming from a point further down the rock wall, a quick look reveals a sewage output probably from a interior fort. With some moral reluctancy Meldir decides to make silent approach: to crawl through the river of orc feces and infiltrate through the lavatory. This was to be their plan, they kill the guard while moving into position and begin the very unpleasant and vile tactical maneuver.  The stench is almost too much for Orophina and the once so fair elves gag while bathing in excrement. Longrim being calmer due to his stamina, wonders if this is a traditional rital in elven culture while he curses Silvan reason. Mood and morale low and still covered in Orc dung, they crawl up the Orcish toilet and take positions. They sneak up and stack outside the door, while listening for any danger with Allanon at the front. The cracks in the door reveals a hallway, and a quick glance tells them there are several doors and some noise coming from the one in the end. The party is just about to make their move, but half deployed and caught unaware the one door in the middle opens. A familiar and horrific feeling comes over them as they see the Dark Rider stepping through. With a little help from Eru.. the elves hastily stack up the small hall up to the lavatory again, stumbling into both eachother and Umli. The Nazgul neglects to turn his head in time while shouting orders to some Uruks, and The Party slides undetected but smellfully away. Allanon gather from the Morbeth that the stone is locked away in the inner chamber, and is to be guarded until someone else returns to get it. The loud clanging of black steel amour dissipates as the enemy departs. After a few seconds to gather their nerve, they sneak into the hall and into the door where the Ulari came from. Another hallway, but this time hindered by an open pit. No match for the wizard but Allanon complains that his power is now very low after levitating the last elven member. Their mage will have to rest before gaining his power, the elves is now at a disadvantage. With fluid movments the warrior monk Orophina opens a door, seemingly a prison room she understands as the unlucky jailkeeper has his spine twisted in a flash. Four doors and cells, one with a filthy orc inside, one with a savage easterling, and the last cell with a elf it would seem. She grabs the keys on the wall and opens the door, finding the elf to be none other than an heir to Therenderli, brother of the Elven King. The royal blood is visible as she understands that this decadent whimp has no way of defending himself. Contemplating over his impotence Allanon is startled by a door suddenly opening right next to him, a large Uruk-Hai fills the doorway. Eyes turning black the Uruk attacks, but the spell lying dorment in the mage is faster. The Uruk hangs in mid air few seconds, arms and legs sprawling, as Attia swings her sword in a nice combo paralyzing him, and chopping the great orcs brains while it rains craniumshards. They disperse the body in the pit, and closing it with a lever found on the wall. Inside the room they found a scoll, on it is written in logathig –

Skauril – My forces raid in Arthedain, keeping the eyes of the foolish Elf-friends facing my kingdom. Now must you assault Aradhrynd. Hasten. Although Thranduil’s house guard numbersless than 200. he will assemble more warriors if you delay too long. Leave no later than two days past the full moon.  -Good Blood. Angmar


They quickly gather in the prisonroom hoping that the guards haven’t been alerted. The scroll spells terrible news witch must be relayed as quickly as possible back home.  A voice is heard from one of the cells, it is the easterling babbeling in bad westron about him being an ally. Amazingly the party listens as the pleading prisoner tries to convince them of his commitment to good. It all sounds very unlikely, but they may have use for a prisoner or trap-tester so they decide to take him aboard the team under strict surveillance. All of a sudden they hear the orc call out to warn his kinsmen, but the easterling grabs a shortbow and plants a arrow in his head. He beames at the elves hoping that this will earn him some trust, but only the other non-elf seems to concur. A trap is discovered at the and of the hallway, where a couple of bronze wolves flanks the end of the hallway. Again the initiative rich new member suddenly realises thay you have to “feed the wolves”,  Longrim tosses an orc on the red tiles and is shocked as the wolves come alive and devour the carcass. Can it possible be that the filthy easterling is purer at heart, than first expected the elves wonder. A locked and trapped door stands in their way, the hope sinks a little knowing they have little experience with this. It is a pity Abarat is not here the party murmurs. But with remarkably professional  handywork, Attia disarmes the hidden trap and to everyones awe, Longrim – with his stubby fingers picks the very complex lock. They move on to a narrow hallway ending in a door with arrowslits. They have to move fast and come up with a sturdy plan, this time the Easterling is even more agitated who suggest they should con their way in with the aid of magic. After some discussion, threats and compromises being made, Grom and Orophina “faceshift” with the use of magic to resemble Orcs.  They clothe themself orcstyle, and go plainly to knock on the door. The four Orukhai guards dont know what hit them, as they lie in a bloody heap on the floor less than 30seconds after being triced into opening. The last door now awaits..