An event unforseen

The Easterling parcment found, describing the coming assault on Tharundil’s kingdom, is now a growing worry for the four elves. They have to slow Skauril’s army so that the elven kingdom will have time to organise a proper defence, and time is running out. But first they will have to find away to get The Heart Of The Forest and fight their way out of this dark orc-hold. With a combined effort and almost loosing the Umli Ranger, they manage to fend off 15 orcs storming the guardroom where they are holding up. One of the leaders manage to flank Meldir, almost ambushing him and sending the paladin to his gods. Grom was luckily watching his back, and after a couple of  intense minutes, they can finally rest and regroup. While the others regain their strength, the easterling and Meldir search the last room thoroughly, atlast finding a secret door. The trap guarding this door almost chops off Groms hands, and they fail utterly to pick the lock, leaving the party at another predicament. No key is to be found, time is growing short as reinforcements may arrive, and 2 members down dont give them good odds. the thought of leaving the two non-elves here to rot is tempting, after all they are not of elven blood and pure of heart. Suddenly a blinding light penetrates the room, leaving the adventurers stunned and hypnotized, they can see the whole wall infront of them crumble and opening some sort of portal to another dimension. Bird song and a warm breeze fills the room, and everyone is transfixed with a most comfortable feeling and silence of mind. Out through the portal steps a figure, he is a small elderly man smiling at the players, apparently not wishing them any harm. He silently walks to the hidden door, raises one hand, and blasts the whole wall into bits, leaving a gaping hole into what appears a treasure room. The mysterious grinning man picks up The Heart, and with a last look, disappears without a word. The room turns to normal again, the comfy feeling leaving their minds, and only the collapsed wall is a evidence of what just happened. Who was this sorcerer, and how did he know the amulet was there? Even more, why didn’t he kill them? What is even more strange is that the party seems to be fully healed and powers regained. Baffled at this turn of events they quickly decide to get out of the dungeon, and turn their attention to the orc army, now probably already marching north to maim the elven kingdom.


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