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The Great Battle

Posted in Eru speaks on June 16, 2011 by Alir

Hastily the group ventures forth in an attempt to slow the Orc army and warn Tharundil of the imminent attack. After having traveled some hours they come upon a junction where all evidence tell that the army passed this way only hours ago. The adrenaline begins to pump as they realize they are on a tight schedule, they decide to quickly make their way to Woodmen-town on the western edges of Mirkwood, to warn their allies and recruit some help. The only encounter the stressed out elves meet, is these peculiar birds and chipmunks  who seem to follow them around. Grom and Longrim seems fascinated by these tame animals, and give them food at every rest-stop. Finally at the Woodmen stronghold they are able to send an elven scout they meet, to warn the kingdom. Having this problem out of the way they have a quick palaver with the heads of the town, but to their dissapointment they are only able to spare 20 warriors. Less than content with this they master themselves and begin planning how to stop the advancing enemy. Once again chasing the trail of Skauril they come upon the massing army, a quick scouting mission reveals that several road-clearing crews are in the front, chopping down trees and broadening the trail. This is obviously done for the army to hold its  momentum. They decide to split the group into two units, one heading North to attack the upper crews, and hopefully slow their progress. The elves (and offsets) lead the first group attacking the middle. The guerilla tactics seem to succeed as they cut down the poorly armed workers, and they are able after three raids to kill almost half of the orcs clearing the road. By then the Army is only few days from getting to the ford that marks the boundary of Tarundils Kingdom, time is growing short. One night after setting up camp they are attacked by wargriders, having blundered in their placement of watchposts, they are caught unaware. The ferocity of the attack, and the woodmens poor reflexes results in many allies dead. In the heat of the battle a tragic event occur, as a warg sinks his fangs into Meldris chest – puncturing his heart leaving him dead on the ground. After making sure all threats are repelled or killed, the elves turn their attention to their fallen comrade. A tear appears in Orophina’s eye, as she yet again looses a valuable friend. They now suddenly find themselves without leadership, and  decisions are scarce. The Easterling Grom though have a strong personality and is able to pep-up the remaining strikecrew, and convinces them that they must follow a trail that Longrim has found. The trail reveals a second group riding fast northbound, probably to secure the river.

Riding like the wind the group comes upon the riverford, the water is known to all to be contaminated, and its vital that they dont touch the water while crossing. With the use of skilled ropework and magic, they are able to cross with the loss of just one Woodman.. On the other side they quickly scout the riverbank, and find the source of Longrims trail. Some 15 easterlings are chopping down the forest, and a crude unfinished bridge is seen lying further down the bank. They set up for an ambush, and before the enemy has the chance to regroup, they are caught in a chaos of arrows, firebolts and the close-encounter with Elven rage. The job is done, and the adventurers can now see light at the end of the tunnel, now they have a chance to hold the battle at the river. This will greatly improve their defenses.  All of the sudden a character appears on the road, he is tall and seem to be of Dunedain blood. He introduces himself as Dysprosiat, and the group is happy to know that he will join them in their struggle. But relations aside, they must quickly get to the Elven homestead, to confer with the Kings advisors. Without any more trouble (save the new guys apparent gambling problem) they meet up with the elven army and is brought in to the war-room. They meet the king and his generals, and tells them everything that has happend. In this new turn of events, the King decides to move his army to the river and to stop the enemy there. The next few days is an immens build-up of adrenaline, as every Elf old enough to hold a sword prepares to war. Camps are set up, and defences are placed. When atlast the Orc army appears in the distance, they are well prepared. The actual battle is long and hard, both sides shedding blood. But due to our heroes quick thinking and theis success in slowing the army bears its fruit. Slowly the Orcs are pushed back and finally dispersed.  In the heat of the battle they catch a glimpse of Scauril making his retreat, its a shame that he isn’t killed and they make note to some day finish him off. The hooror of battle bying away, they meet the King who has participated in the fight himself. He looks happy, and smiling he gives each of the adventures a ring bearing the royal seal. The ring is magic, and will safeguard them in any elven realm in the future. The campaign is finally over, and the group looks back to fallen comrades and new friends with mixed feelings. Exhased they fall to the ground, tired with all the death and struggle. Hoping now to sleep at least a week.

In Longrims slow but subtle mind he dwells over his previous mission. Where did the Heart of the Forest go? Who was that mysterious figure, magically walking through the walls and claiming the amulet for himself? A powerful figure indeed he thinks, as he throws another nut to one of the begging little chipmunks…