The Heart Of The Forest

This Large Amulet can be dated back to the First Era, it is an item of great power. It glows with a deep green hue when present in a forest, and is warm to the touch. It supposedly have the power to control the plants and trees around it, and radiates “good” energy. It presently is residing in a Kregora casket designed to shield the magic, due to the obvious popularity of the item. A downside to this is that all magic is severely diminished in the proximity of the small chest, inhibiting any spellcaster near it. Blocking it totally anyone holding it.

This immensely powerful Artifact is hard to control, and its magic requires hard training to master. It can take fully control of a weak-willed soul holding or wearing it, leaving the victim in a dreamlike state until broken. The will of the item is strong and can heal or cleanse one pure of heart, meanwhile it shields its user from evil. Other powers are yet to be revealed.


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