Allanon was born in spring by parents who was simple elves living ordinary lives. His father was a woods guide and his mother was a caring healer. His parents early saw Allanons talent for magic as they one day caught him somehow make a breeze come from nowhere making a bowl of cookies fall down from top of the shelve, they let him have the cookies. His parents soon went to a local wizard and persuaded him to accept Allanon as an apprentice. Allanon was taught well, and was a fast learner but he would soon feel he wasn’t learning fast enough.

10 year old Allanon and his parents was on their way home from market at the village, it was a bit late and night was around the corner. A band of thieves came upon the family and said they would have anything of value from the family. Allanons father was reluctant so the thieves got more threatening. Allanon felt helpless. The thieves started looking at Allanons mother, and said she was a fine peace of meat that could give them pleasure. This was the drop for Allanons father who attacked, though he was outnumbered. Allanon watched his father helplessly being stabbed by knives from several thieves, his mother crying. Allanon summoned all the magic he could think of and threw it at the thieves, but he knew no magic that could take out thieves, all that happened was some wind coming with lots of butterflies in it. The thieves laughed and laughed by all the butterflies suddenly around them. They kidnapped Allanons mother and left Allanon sobbing with butterflies on his shoulders.

That day Allanon promise himself he would never again be helpless with people dear to him being in danger, and he vowed he would one day save his mother.


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