T.A. 1735

Late summer

The young elves are commanded by the Elven King to travel south and take command of an abandoned elven fort, to watch over the roads leading through the forest and report any enemy activity.

The elves enter Tir-fuinen

They encounter a beorning helping him assault an old orcfort. They defeat the opposition.

Orcs are massing in the south, establishing new foothold.

Encountering a nearly slain Umli patrol guarding Artifacts.

The Heart Of The Forest is found, this must be brought to the residing elven king.

A Nazgul is sited and encountered, who steals the Heart Of The Forest.

They follow the dark servant to a hidden cave.

They almost manage to get hold of the stone, but it is snached right infront of them by a mystic. They meet Grom.

They learn of Skaurils March and turn North to warn Tharundil.

They manage to slow the army, warn the Elven King and ultimatly defeat the enemy army.

They travel to Rhosgobel to ask Radagast about the Hert Of the Forest.

They teleport to the Northern reches of Mirkwood.

They travel to Ered Mitherin and a small town

They meet the Beorning King wich invites them to dragonhunt.

They win the consil hearts by rooting out an orc lair

They meet the giant Mogizern



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